Beehive Tattoos
In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash
Beehive Tattoos is Branson Missouri's oldest Studio and Family operated.

Thank you for checking out our site,

Branson's oldest studio has closed it's doors.

We are being replaced by a chicken coop !
So if you are driving by stop and enjoy the antique shop!
To all our friends we have made over the last 14 years,
Thank you !
All praise is Gods !
Jesus Saves !
Questions and answers
1.  Will you opening a shop around this area?   No I am retired.
2.  Will you tattoo me at your house? That is a $250 fine and see answer one.
3.  What will you do?  Once I complete all the stages to downsize I am
going to help a family member fight Cancer in another State.
4.  Will you ever tattoo again?  I love tattooing however, never again will
I subject myself to running my own studio and not in this State. See answer one.
 5.  What are you going to do for money?  As many of you know I run a 3d entertainment company online and have built it to quite the empire over the last 10 years. It can pay all my bills.. easy.
6.  What about your daughter? Her husband makes good money but she still wants to work. She is also wanting a break from tattooing but I think that is a waist of talent. Any tattoo shop in this area would be lucky to have her earning them some green. She has stated to me that she really wants to try a new job with insurance.
7. Will she tattoo me at her house? See answer two.
8. How do you think the other tattoo artist are reacting? Jumping up and down with joy and celebrating. God bless and I am happy for them.
9.  How do you feel about the other shops? When one closed down I knew my income would go up, not going to lie. My hope for them is that they will experience the wave of my clients and the green backs will help them to achieve the status and wealth they deserve.
10.  What about your clients from over the years that came back to you year after year?  See answer 3 and I hope you will always remember us with kind thoughts
11. What about the clients that didn't heal to perfection or just wasn't happy?
Every studio has it's share, sorry if that person was you and we wish God to bless your art and life with the next level of work and new friends.
12.  Will you sale your tattoo stuff? Sure, I am going to auction off. The time and place will be sent to shop owners from all over a 60 mile area. 
I am retired and will offer my extra supplies only to professional studio owners or managers. It is time for the younger generation and the cult of tattooing to keep on pushing into the age of the future. Beehive tattoos was a alternative Christ lead studio and every tattoo was made with love.
God bless everyone !





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